Website Visitors are a Hasty Group. They’re quick to shop around, forgetting where they’ve been just 10 minutes ago. Click. They land on another unfamiliar website. Then another. Each time they do it, 5 questions go through their mind.

 Question #1: Am I in the right place?

“When I came from the search engine, is this where I expected to land? Does it seem right? Did I make a mistake?”

hasty website visitorJust like peeking in a store window, their eyes scan the web page looking for clues. Often times an image will be the most helpful first clue.

A visitor with a desire to set the scene for a romantic evening might have aromatic candles on his checklist. Your photo of delicate candles on a table with a dark background may be the perfect clue to slow this hasty visitor down.

Not everyone will land on your home page. They may land on your “About Us” page or a product page. You need more quick clues. Your business logo in the top left corner of your web page and the tagline “One Stop Shop for Romance” will do.

If your visitors are satisfied they’re in the right place, they will scan your page for an overview. This time they are judging your overall design.

Question #2: Do I like it here?

“Is this site attractive to me? Can I read the text? Is it enticing or does it overwhelm me?”

Keep in mind that many visitors nowadays will be utilizing mobile devices, such as smart phones and iPads, to reach your website. Can they view your website easily on their compact devices? In order to coax them into your shop, you must offer them a mobile friendly website.  A responsive website automatically changes to fit the device they’re reading it on. Because of this, it provides a better website experience for your mobile visitors.

Come in. We are open.Just like standing in the doorway of your shop, your website visitors are deciding whether or not to step inside and begin browsing. Your job now is to draw the eye to the content.

Start with a single focal point.

Grab their attention with your main heading first. It should be bigger than your subheadings which should be bigger than the body text.

Also, include plenty of white space.

White space is the blank space (empty space) on your web page. It’s the space between web page elements that gives the layout an elegant look, clean look.  It also helps give the eye a rest.

If your visitors feel comfortable with your design, their next thought will be about TRUST.

Question #3: Do I believe you?

“Does this website look trustworthy to me? Does it seem credible?”

To be a trustworthy online shop, you’ll want to provide your store’s address, contact information, and shipping details, along with your return and privacy policies.

You also want to be authentic. Authenticity is one of the most important components of establishing trust in your visitor. To write authentic web content, you need to develop your own unique voice and add your personality to it. It also helps if you use proper grammar and avoid spelling errors… indicating that you’ve done everything possible to “roll out the red carpet” for your visitors.

Your visitors now know (1) they’re in the right place, (2) they like what they see, and (3) they trust you. Just like stepping up to the candle counter, your new visitor is about to be transformed…  to a satisfied customer.

Question #4: Do you have what I am looking for?

romantic candlesIf they are on a quest for candles, they will likely want to pick out, pick up, and sniff the candles, taking a nice deep breath of the scintillating aromas.


They are visiting your website, not your store. They can’t pick out, pick up or smell anything.

So you must find a way to convince them to buy your candles… merely with your words.

  • “This intoxicating fragrance with deep satisfying rich notes will stir up many emotions, including romantic ones. It is perfectly suited for cozying up inside on a chilly night with the one you love.”
  • “This candle is eco-friendly, clean burning and, best of all, made from a renewable resource.”
  • “Today is your lucky day. All our candles are 20% off. This one is yours for only $6.00.”

“Great. I’ll buy it,” your customer says to himself.

To finish up, you want to make the check-out process as quick and painless as possible.

Question 5: Will I come here again?

tealight candlesIf customers know that they will receive their purchases quickly when they order, they’ll keep coming back.

Offer FAST delivery options.

Also let them know that they can find your business on social media sites such as Facebook. You can use social media to build a relationship with your loyal customers.

On your Facebook Business Page, let them know, when new products are being released and give them special deals that are not available to other people. All businesses run on repeat buyers and social media is a great way to make sure that they come back.

Your Repeat Customers

If your new customers receive your candles quickly and believe that they do indeed offer that “intoxicating fragrance” that you promised, they will likely return as repeat customers. The next time, they won’t peek in the window, stand in the doorway or meander down the aisles, they will act like confident customers, visiting your website to buy more candles.