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Category: Small Business

small business website tutorials

You may be a do-it-yourself kind of website owner. If so, having a basic understanding of how websites work will give your small business the online advantage it needs. Becoming SEO and social media savvy is also within your grasp. These simple tips and tutorials will help you succeed online.

Why Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate

Perhaps, you’ve just checked your website and seen the words “Not Secure” (before your URL) in the address bar at the top of a web browser. Now you’re wondering how to fix it. You simply need to install an SSL Certificate.

Why Your Website Needs a Privacy Policy

Maybe you’ve been told you need to add a Privacy Policy to your small business website… and you’re wondering why and how. This beginner tutorial will help you get started.

Social Media Hashtags: Small Business Quick Start Guide

Many small business owners feel, deep down, that they’re wasting their time muddling through social media. Your social success may improve simply by adding relevant hashtags to your posts.

Small Business, Consumers, Social Media: “Together Apart” against COVID-19

If you’re a small business owner experiencing a financial hardship right now, consider looking to social media to discover ideas that may help you adapt your business for long-term survival. Social media will also help you stay connected with your devoted customers who are thinking not only about your product or service right now, but also your well-being.

Don’t be Fooled by the Website “Wow” Factor

So you want a website with the so-called “Wow” factor. Your goal is to impress well-to-do clients with your striking, colorful design. You’re not alone.

Google’s Featured Snippets: Small Business SEO Guide

As a small business website owner, you may have discovered Google’s Featured Snippets as you were researching SEO. Now you want to learn more. This absolute beginner’s guide will give you the quick introduction that you need.

5 Steps for a User-Friendly, Frustration-Free Website

Curious if your website is user-friendly? It may not be easy to tell at-a-glance. A user-friendly website has these 8 characteristics.

What Makes a Website Mobile Friendly?

This beginner tutorial explains what it means to be mobile-friendly. It also describes 3 simple steps you can take to improve your small business website or blog for your mobile visitors.