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Category: Small Business

small business website tutorials

You may be a do-it-yourself kind of website owner. If so, having a basic understanding of how websites work will give your small business the online advantage it needs. Becoming SEO and social media savvy is also within your grasp. These simple tips and tutorials will help you succeed online.

3 Small Business Website Alerts: Don’t Get Blindsided

If you have a small business website, you’ll want to take a moment to read this blog post. Things are happening on the internet in 2018 that will affect your website. Perhaps, you’ve just seen the words ‘Not Secure’ before your URL. Maybe you’ve been told you need to add a Privacy Policy to your website. Perhaps you just discovered ‘Gutenberg’ when you logged into your WordPress dashboard.

5 Questions Hasty Website Visitors Ask [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you the owner of an online store? You’ll be glad to know the 5 questions that your website visitors ask themselves the moment they land on your site. See your website from their point-of-view. They’ll inspire you to make your small business website a bit more visitor-friendly.

Choose your Small Business Domain Name like a Pro

Coming up with a great domain name can be a daunting task when you’re starting a new online business. But it’s important to your success. NOTE: Buying a domain name is not the same as owning a website.

Choose your Small Business Domain Name (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this blog post, we discussed registrars and domain name availability. Here are a few more tips to consider and pitfalls to avoid before you narrow down your choices to a select few.

Choose your Small Business Domain Name [INFOGRAPHIC]

Read: Choose your Small Business Domain Name like a Pro [Part 1] and [Part 2] for a detailed blog post related to this domain name infographic.

How to Transform Twitter into your Company’s Social Media Darling

Tweeting is a pretty simple concept, but Tweeting successfully to gain followers and attention in the Twitter stream is a whole new ballgame. Let’s rethink your approach. Get ready to Tweet.