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How Technology is Shaking up the Future of Web Design

future of web design

Interested in web design? Let’s take a glimpse at this fast-changing profession and see what’s “shaking up” its future. Read more…

How to Transform Twitter into your Company’s Social Media Darling

How to transform Twitter into your social media darling

So you’ve got a small business, a website and a handful of social media accounts. Your business has taken off. Your website also gets a lot of traffic. It’s mobile friendly now, you’re proud to say. But when it comes to social media, you scratch your head. You’ve seen few benefits up to this point.

This simple guide could be that friendly little nudge you need to take another look at Twitter. Let’s give it another chance. Read more…

5 Simple Ways to Explore Pinterest: Small Business Owner’s Guide

Are you a small business owner struggling to find your way in and around social media? This simple guide will help you tackle the landscape of Pinterest. Ready? Let’s explore.

Explore Pinterest - Small Business Owner's Guide Read more…

10 Reader-Friendly Tweaks for Thumbs-Up Website Ratings

10 Reader-Friendly Tweaks for Thumbs-Up Website Ratings

You’ve spent many hours planning your website. It is chock-full of good keyword phrases, does a great job representing your business, and the pages download at lightning speed. You are also happy with the way it looks.

Now your visitors arrive. You figure that your extensive experience, exceptional service, and glowing testimonials will easily persuade them to choose your business over your competitors. Read more…

NH Web Design Trends in 2016

Technology is changing the way consumers find small businesses. Yet despite the fact that over 80% of American adults are now on the web and two-thirds of them are using social networking sites, nearly half of small businesses still don’t have a website.

But these days it’s almost impossible to market a business effectively with offline strategies only. Small businesses without both a mobile-friendly website and a social media presence in 2016 are at a competitive disadvantage.

NH Web Design Trends in 2016

Web design companies are under especially intense pressure (even more so than the average small business) to stay at the forefront of web, social media and technology trends. What was considered good practice 5 years ago is often obsolete today.

Let’s take a peek at 10 websites. They belong to popular web design companies in New Hampshire. How are they keeping up with the demands of the mobile-device oriented, social media savvy consumers of today? Let’s find out. Read more…

Stay Afloat with Social Media [Infographic]

This mobile-friendly infographic includes a summary of the blog post: 6 Simple Ways to Stay Afloat with Social Media. It is an easy-to-understand guide for busy business owners. Read more…