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NH Web Design Trends in 2016

Technology is changing the way consumers find small businesses. Yet despite the fact that over 80% of American adults are now on the web and two-thirds of them are using social networking sites, nearly half of small businesses still don’t have a website.

But these days it’s almost impossible to market a business effectively with offline strategies only. Small businesses without both a mobile-friendly website and a social media presence in 2016 are at a competitive disadvantage.

NH Web Design Trends in 2016

Web design companies are under especially intense pressure (even more so than the average small business) to stay at the forefront of web, social media and technology trends. What was considered good practice 5 years ago is often obsolete today.

Let’s take a peek at 10 websites. They belong to popular web design companies in New Hampshire. How are they keeping up with the demands of the mobile-device oriented, social media savvy consumers of today? Let’s find out. Read more…

Stay Afloat with Social Media [Infographic]

This mobile-friendly infographic includes a summary of the blog post: 6 Simple Ways to Stay Afloat with Social Media. It is an easy-to-understand guide for busy business owners. Read more…

6 Simple Ways to Stay Afloat with Social Media

Are you a business owner floundering in your attempts to participate in social media? Don’t despair. These simple ideas will give you a boost.

6 Simple Ways to Stay Afloat with Social Media - A Guide for Busy Business Owners

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WordPress 101 for Small Business Owners [INFOGRAPHIC]

WordPress icon

This mobile-friendly infographic includes a summary of the beginner WordPress tutorial: WordPress 101 for Small Business Owners. It was designed for small business owners to help them get comfortable with WordPress.

If you would like to add a blog to your website, see Considering a Small Business Blog? [INFOGRAPHIC].

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WordPress 101 for Small Business Owners

Interested in getting your small business online?

WordPress 101 for small business owners

This beginner WordPress tutorial will help you decide if a WordPress website is right for you. WordPress is not just a blogging platform. It is a popular CMS that you can use to create any kind of website, including small business websites. With a WordPress website, you won’t have to rely on a web designer to make every change to your website. WordPress is also free to use.

WordPress does require some effort, though. You need to learn how to use it, update it and keep it secure. Having a basic understanding of 5 key components will boost your chances of success.

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Best NH Small Business Blogs

Best NH Small Business Blogs

There are Pros and Cons to adding a blog to a small business website. There are also hurdles and stumbling blocks that small business owners may encounter. After writing about them in my last blog post, I decided, just for the fun of it, to explore existing small business blogs in New Hampshire.

Here’s a list of some stellar examples I discovered through a random Google search.

The blogs met some criteria to make this list. They had to be mobile friendly, aesthetically pleasing, informative and entertaining. The blogs also had to be included in the website of a New Hampshire business. Read more…

Considering a Small Business Blog? (PART 1)

Sure. There are many great reasons to blog.

Blogging can showcase a more personal side of your business. It’s also a useful tool for building  your company’s credibility and  improving your website’s search engine rankings. But there are hazardous conditions that may squelch your good intentions. Blogging is not for every small business.

Considering a Small Business Blog? PART 1

Before you jump in, here are some important things to consider.

You’ll encounter hurdles, caution signs and stumbling blocks you’ll need to manage along the way. If you can meet these challenges, then you can forge ahead without second guessing yourself.

But if these hazardous conditions confirm your doubts, then it may be time to put the thought to rest.

First things first: ask yourself two questions.

1) Do You believe in blogging?

If you’re questioning the value of it before you even start, your chances of success are sketchy at best. You will need to plan, schedule, and organize your blog. If you lack the passion for it, your blog will reach the magic number of three—three published posts. Read more…

Considering a Small Business Blog? (PART 2)

In PART 1 of this blog post, we explored the technical hurdles you’ll have to scale as you add a small business blog to your website. In PART 2, we’ll look at some stumbling blocks that could trip you up, if you reach the writing phase.
Considering a Small Business Blog? PART 2

The Empty Page of Nothingness

What is the empty page of nothingness?

It’s that blank white space in the post editor of your CMS (content management system) that will confront you when you first sit down to write a blog post. At first, it will be white. It will be empty. It will contain nothing. How will you turn that intimidating blank writing space into something informative or entertaining? Read more…

Considering a Small Business Blog? [INFOGRAPHIC]

In this mobile-friendly infographic, we’ve included caution signs, hurdles and stumbling blocks that may get in your way as you consider starting a small business blog.

In Considering a Small Business Blog? (PART 1), we go into detail about the technical hurdles. In Considering a Small Business Blog? (PART 2), we discuss the stumbling blocks.

Considering a Small Business Blog - Infographic

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CSS3 Media Queries: Simple Gotchas & Easy Fixes

CSS3 Media Query Gotchas

If you are a web designer (cursing under your breath), trying to figure out what the heck has gone wrong in your responsive web design, you may find the answer in this tutorial.

Sometimes when a responsive design goes “haywire,” the answer is a simple Gotcha! It could be a CSS3 media query mistake so simple that you’ve just overlooked it.

If you’re new to media queries, consider reading CSS3 Media Queries for Beginners first.

Otherwise, grab a cup of coffee and check out the “Simple Gotchas” below. You may be overthinking the problem. Read more…