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Category: Blogging

beginner blogging tutorials

Considering adding a blog to your small business website? These beginner tutorials will help you understand the basics of blogging and decide if it's right for your company.

How to Write a Blog Post – From Daunting to Doable

Do you struggle with the whole process of writing a blog post? Find it a bit daunting? Try this simple “What, Why, How” method to make it not only doable, but worth your effort and time. Even part-time bloggers can learn how to get “unstuck” with these 3 easy steps.

Should I Start a Small Business Blog? (PART 1)

There are many good reasons to start a small business blog. A blog can be used as a low-cost marketing tool. It can also showcase a more personal side of your business. But there are hazardous conditions that may squelch your good intentions. Blogging is not for every small business. Before you jump in, there are 3  Continue Reading »

Considering a Small Business Blog? [INFOGRAPHIC]

In this infographic, we’ve included caution signs, hurdles and stumbling blocks that may get in your way as you consider starting a small business blog.

Should I Start a Small Business Blog? (PART 2)

In PART 2, we’ll look at some stumbling blocks that could trip you up, if you reach the writing phase of adding a small business blog to your website.

Best NH Small Business Blogs

There are Pros and Cons to adding a blog to a small business website. There are also technical hurdles and blog writing stumbling blocks that small business owners may encounter. After writing about them in a blog post, I decided, just for the fun of it, to explore existing small business blogs in New Hampshire. Here’s a  Continue Reading »