Are you the owner of an online store? You’ll be glad to know the 5 questions that your website visitors ask themselves the moment they land on your site. See your website from their point-of-view. They’ll inspire you to make your small business website a bit more visitor-friendly.

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 5 Questions Hasty Website Visitors Ask - Infographic

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  1. Am I in the right place?
    1. If your visitors have come from a search engine, they will first look for clues to make sure they have landed on the right site. An image many be their first clue.
    2. Then they will judge your overall site design.
  2. Do I like it here?
    1. If the site is overwhelming and not mobile-friendly or the text is hard to read, your visitors may bounce back to the search engine.
    2. If they stay, they will read your main heading. Make sure it is enticing.
  3. Do I believe you?
    1. Your visitors will judge your site’s credibility. You need authentic content.
    2. Also make sure your contact information and shipping details and your return & privacy policies are easy to find.
  4. Do you have what I want?
    1. If they’re looking for something aromatic such as romantic candles, keep in mind that they can’t touch or smell them.
    2. You must convince them with your words, images and videos.
  5. Will I come here again?
    1. Offer great customer service, a secure and speedy checkout process and fast delivery to seal the deal.
    2. Then use social media to build a great relationship with the loyal customers you’ve just earned.