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Category: Social Media

Beginner Social Media Tutorials

You can utilize social media marketing to promote your small business to potential customers. Besides increasing brand awareness, social media marketing can affect the bottom line of a business by increasing sales. These simple tutorials will help you better understand social media.

Hashtag Humor – Am I Funny Enough?

Whether you’re an individual, a small business or a large corporation, it helps to be funny on social media. We all love to share things that make us laugh. That’s why funny posts often go viral.

Social Media Hashtags: Small Business Quick Start Guide

Many small business owners feel, deep down, that they’re wasting their time muddling through social media. Your social success may improve simply by adding relevant hashtags to your posts.

Small Business, Consumers, Social Media: “Together Apart” against COVID-19

If you’re a small business owner experiencing a financial hardship right now, consider looking to social media to discover ideas that may help you adapt your business for long-term survival. Social media will also help you stay connected with your devoted customers who are thinking not only about your product or service right now, but also your well-being.

Pinterest Love, Humor and Analytics

Pinterest is a great social media platform for creative, visually-oriented people. It’s also different from most other popular social media websites. So if you’re struggling with your efforts on Facebook or Twitter, don’t despair. Pinterest may be right for you.

Facebook 101: Pages, Profiles & Phobias

Have you said this to yourself? I don’t understand Facebook. My son set it up for me and now he’s off to college. I have no idea how to manage my Facebook account. It makes me nauseous to even look at it. Don’t worry. Here are some helpful Facebook hints to help you overcome your Facebook phobia.

5 Simple Ways to Explore Pinterest: Small Business Owner’s Guide

Are you a small business owner struggling to find your way in and around social media? This simple guide will help you tackle the landscape of Pinterest.

How to Transform Twitter into your Company’s Social Media Darling

Tweeting is a pretty simple concept, but Tweeting successfully to gain followers and attention in the Twitter stream is a whole new ballgame. Let’s rethink your approach. Get ready to Tweet.

Calling all Recipe-Hating Pinterest Lovers

You don’t have to like recipes or fashion design to love Pinterest. Other kinds of people exist on the social network too. If you look closely, you can find Pinterest users who are interested in photography and search engine optimization. Some are passionate about writing. Others prefer American History or the macabre. You just have to look deeper.