In this mobile-friendly infographic, we’ve included caution signs, hurdles and stumbling blocks that may get in your way as you consider starting a small business blog.

In Considering a Small Business Blog? (PART 1), we go into detail about the technical hurdles. In Considering a Small Business Blog? (PART 2), we discuss the stumbling blocks.

Considering a Small Business Blog - Infographic

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Considering a Small Business Blog? Watch your Step! Caution Signs, Hurdles and Stumbling Blocks Ahead.

Caution Signs:
If you don’t have a passion for it, proceed with caution.

Don’t start a blog just because someone told you it would be good for your business.

Technical Hurdles:

  • First Hurdle – Getting It Set up. (You will need a CMS such as WordPress and a Database.)
  • Second Hurdle – Customizing It. (Your blog needs to match your Website and Brand.)
  • Third Hurdle – Understanding It. (You have to figure out how your CMS works.)

If you are not computer savvy, proceed with caution.

Stumbling Blocks:

  • Grammar is a challenge. (Don’t blog. You could scare customers away.)
  • You develop blogger’s block. (This is a temporary stumbling block. Don’t give up. You’ll have an idea soon.)
  • Self-doubt tends to ruin your creativity. (Keep writing. It will get easier.)
  • You barely have time for lunch breaks. (No time for lunch = No time for blogging)
  • You rarely visit your own website. (If your website is gathering dust, your blog will too.)