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Category: HTML & CSS

Smooth Strides from HTML to HTML5

This beginner HTML5 tutorial will help you make smooth strides towards a basic understanding of HTML and HTML5. You’ll become familiar with these three related terms: Elements, Tags and Attributes.

Smooth Strides from CSS to CSS3

In this beginner CSS tutorial, we’ll start slow with simple explanations of HTML and CSS, then we’ll push forward into CSS3, the latest version of CSS, and explain a few things about HTML5’s wonderful sidekick.

HTML, CSS, PHP and SEO Jump-Start Guide

This simple tutorial utilizes a red velvet cupcake and a dash of humor to explain these common web design terms: HTML, CSS, PHP and SEO. It is aimed at web design beginners, small business owners and everyday internet surfers.

Understanding Web Browsers: From HTML to Web Pages

HTML documents are the building blocks of a website. They include HTML tags as part of the ‘RAW’ technical code. But these files cannot become the elegant web pages that you see online… without the help of a web browser. Why should you care if you are the owner of a website? You probably think that the ‘Rest of the World’ sees your website exactly the way you do. But that is not the case.

How Websites Work: Tutorial for Small Business Owners

Most people don’t understand web design. It’s hard to understand web design when you are not computer savvy. But if you run a small business today, your business needs to be found on the web. This mini-tutorial is aimed at the small business owner looking for a jump-start guide that explains the basics of ‘How Websites Work.’

Toddler Steps from XHTML to HTML5 – Contact Forms

If you’ve been think about converting your XHTML web pages to HTML5 web pages, your contact page may be the easiest place to start. There are many new interesting features in HTML5 forms, such as new input types, new attributes and basic browser validation. You’ll soon discover that you don’t need to be an HTML5 Expert to start using HTML5.

Baby Steps from XHTML to HTML5

Because of the way we were brought up on the internet, we XHTML Coders like rules. We also like clean code. Most of us try to keep everything in our websites nice and neat. At home, we line up our shoes in pairs… in perfect order. It makes us feel better when we look at them. Until now we were set in our ways… and quite comfortable. Then along came HTML5.

Understanding Hyperlinks: An HTML Tutorial for Beginners

This tutorial is mostly about hyperlinks. They are the clickable links that take you from one web page to another, to a different section of the same web page, or allow you to download a document like a PDF. They are an integral part of the World Wide Web.