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What makes a website mobile friendly?

What Makes a Website Mobile Friendly?

This beginner tutorial explains what it means to be mobile-friendly. It also describes 3 simple steps you can take to ...
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Image ALT tags for SEO

Image ALT Tags for SEO: What, Where, Why & How

We can probably agree that a web page without images is hard to read. Images not only help to improve ...
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3 Small Business Website Alerts: Don't Get Blindsided

3 Small Business Website Alerts: Don’t Get Blindsided

If you have a small business website, especially one that you haven’t paid much attention to lately, you’ll want to ...
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subtle animations with CSS & Javascript - Beginner Tutorial

Subtle Animations with CSS & JavaScript: Intro

Are you curious about adding subtle animations to your website? Wondering if there are practical uses for them? Not sure ...
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subtle animations with css and javascript (part 2)

Subtle Animations with CSS & Javascript: Part 2

Beginning CSS3 animation CSS3 gives us two primary ways of animating HTML elements:
  1. "transition" and "transform" manipulate elements from one state ...
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5 Questions Website Visitors Ask

5 Questions Hasty Website Visitors Ask [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you the owner of an online store? You'll be glad to know the 5 questions that your website visitors ...
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