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social media hashtags: small business quick start guide

Social Media Hashtags: Small Business Quick Start Guide

Many small business owners feel, deep down, that they're wasting their time muddling through social media. If you find yourself in this frustrated group, don’t despair. Your social success may improve simply by adding relevant hashtags to your posts. This ...
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small business, consumers, social media: together apart against COVID-19

Small Business, Consumers, Social Media: “Together Apart” against COVID-19

Small business owners are facing unthinkable hardships right now as they grapple with the financial pressures caused by COVID-19 restrictions. Some have been forced to lay off workers, reduce their hours or close their doors temporarily once deemed non-essential. Others ...
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Don't be fooled by the website 'Wow' factor.

Don’t be Fooled by the Website “Wow” Factor

So you want a website with the so-called "Wow" factor. The home page must open with stunning visuals that catch the eye right away. Your goal is to impress well-to-do clients with your striking, colorful design. But how? You figure ...
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website wow factor title

Website “Wow” Factor [Infographic]

Read: Don't be Fooled by the Website "Wow" Factor for a detailed blog post related to this infographic. Text Alternative for "Don't be Fooled by the Website "Wow" Factor [INFOGRAPHIC]" Stunning visuals weighing down your site? Try these Simple Ways ...
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Google's Featured Snippets: Small Business SEO Guide

Google’s Featured Snippets: Small Business SEO Guide

As a small business website owner, you may have discovered Google’s Featured Snippets as you were researching SEO. Now you want to learn more. This absolute beginner’s guide will give you the quick introduction that you need. How to view ...
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