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Is it time to redesign your website?

The Internet is constantly evolving.

Web content that was relevant a few years ago often looks outdated today. If you are visiting this web page, you are probably considering redesigning your website. Our website redesign service will improve your visitors' experience along with the visibility of your business website so that it can rank well in the search engines.

8 Simple Ways to Tell if your Website is Old


  1. Page Titles
    Check your page titles at the top of your web browser. Are they the same for every web page? If so, your website needs to be updated.
  2. Copyright Date
    Check your copyright date at the bottom of your web pages. Is the year listed out-of-date?
  3. Page Speed
    How fast do your web pages load in a browser? Is there a noticeable waiting period?

    Check your page speed here: Google's Page Speed Insights.
  4. Mobile Devices
    Is your website easy to read on a mobile device such as an iPad or an iPhone? Your website needs to be ready to receive mobile traffic.

    Want to test it? Try this mobile testing tool.
  5. Unnecessary Clutter
    Are there multiple buttons, animations and other elements on your site that don't serve a real purpose? If so, removing them will increase your site's conversion rate.
  6. Broken Links
    Old websites tend to have a lot of broken links. Search engines such as Google frown upon broken links.

    Test your website in this online broken link checker.
  7. HTML5 Contact Forms
    If your website is current, your web designer probably used HTML5 to code your contact form page. Does the Contact Form on your website provide helpful hints to your visitors as they go along? If not, it may not be up-to-date.
  8. Search Engine Rankings
    What phrases (2 to 3 words) come to mind when you think of your business? Take a few of those keyword phrases and go to a search engine such as Google. If you put those phrases in the search box, what results do you get? Can you find your website in the list? If your business is nowhere to be found, or worse yet, you find all your competitors in the list instead, your website definitely needs a major makeover.

See more Website Analysis Tools.

3 Steps In Our Website Redesign Process

  1. Analysis
    Our first step in redesigning a website is to analyze the current website. In this step, we concentrate on the functionality of the site and navigation structure. We also examine the speed in which the pages download, check for broken links, and inspect the page titles etc.. Its performance in the search engines is also checked.
  2. Collaboration with You
    We will discuss with you your expectations from your new website and briefly review your current website. By the end of this step, we have developed a website plan.
  3. Website Redesign
    Your web pages will be redesigned to be user friendly, mobile friendly and search engine friendly. We will also clean up the code, rework the content and make sure your images are optimized. We aim to make you proud of your website so that your first thought will be to show it off to friends and family.

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