Our Pricing Per Hour

$30 per hour.

Give Visitors a Reason To Return

It is important to update your website content so that it doesn't go stale. An outdated website with inaccurate information is no place visitors want to be. They will likely leave and never return.

Fresh content, on the other hand, gives visitors a reason to return. Whether they're looking for upcoming events, product specials, or a new blog post, new information will get their attention.

Fresh Content Also Builds Trust

If you haven't visited your own website in months, why should anyone else? Fresh content will also invite search engines to spider your website on a regular basis. If your content is relevant, unique and in demand (based on keyword popularity), it can help get your site ranked.

WordPress Website Design

$170 X 5 months Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Crimson Designs.

Our Monthly Maintenance Service

$18.00 per month. No set-up fee.

You can sign up for Crimson Designs' Monthly Web Maintenance Program if we have designed your website.

What is included with a website maintenance contract?

Our website maintenance service includes weekly updates (maximum 1 hour of editing per week) of existing pages of your website. All text and pictures must be submitted in electronic format either through email or CD-ROM. Simply email your content to us and we'll post it in the appropriate section of your website, most likely within 48 hours.

NOTE: This does not include the design of new web pages or addition of new web features.

Sign Up for Monthly Website Maintenance Service.

A charge from " 2CO-Crimson" will appear on your billing statement. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Crimson Designs.

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