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Category: Dash of Humor

HTML, CSS, PHP and SEO Jump-Start Guide

This simple tutorial utilizes a red velvet cupcake and a dash of humor to explain these common web design terms: HTML, CSS, PHP and SEO. It is aimed at web design beginners, small business owners and everyday internet surfers.

Wonder Dogs and Cover Photos – Beginner Social Media Tutorial

So you’ve been hearing a lot about social media lately? Your friends have been posting to Facebook and pinning to Pinterest, but you’re not exactly sure how to begin. Did you know that you can use social media to share your cake decorating talents or your photography skills? There are even social media pages dedicated to dogs.

Calling all Recipe-Hating Pinterest Lovers

You don’t have to like recipes or fashion design to love Pinterest. Other kinds of people exist on the social network too. If you look closely, you can find Pinterest users who are interested in photography and search engine optimization. Some are passionate about writing. Others prefer American History or the macabre. You just have to look deeper.

@Groundhog and the Social Media Fiasco – A Tall Tale

Here is a humorous look at a groundhog’s failed attempt to deal with the sudden onslaught of social media on the day he wakes from a long winter’s slumber.

George and the Page Title Blunder: SEO 101

As you surf the internet, you can see the title of any web page at the very top of the browser window. This is called the page title. SEO experts agree that this is one of the most important elements of an individual web page.