This mobile-friendly infographic includes a summary of the blog post: 6 Simple Ways to Stay Afloat with Social Media. It is an easy-to-understand guide for busy business owners.

6 Simple Ways to Stay Afloat with Social Media - Infographic

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  • First, look before your leap
    • Are you sure you’re in the right place? Social media platforms are not all alike.
    • Not having success with one site? Try another. Don’t let one belly flop discourage you. Switch pools and try again.
  • Don’t spread yourself too thin.
    • Having 5 or 6 social media sites sitting idly by is worse than not participating at all. Delete your least favorite site.
  • Examine your New Feed.
    • Bored? It’s time to freshen up your news feed. Take 5 minutes to unfollow some accounts. Follow some new ones. Be discriminate. This will change your whole perspective.
  • Prepare for Show and Tell.
    • Remember the shiny new objects you shared in school to impress your friends? Let social media be your audience for Show and Tell. Grab your smartphone. Capture unexpected moments. Share something new.
  • Participate actively
    • Social Media is not a one-way conversation. You must show up and participate. Leave comments. Share posts. Retweet.
  • Sign up for a newsletter.
    • It’s hard for a business to keep up with social media changes. Set up a newsletter subscription. You’ll get emails with news about new features and subtle reminders that social media is still waiting for you

Get inspired. Get involved. Dive into social media.